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Monetize Unused Bandwidth by selling it as “Stand-by” Bandwidth
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Once your ISP is up and running under the DBS, and you haven't over sold your available bandwidth, you'll find that your system is running smoothly and predictably. In this case you'll also find that you have excess bandwidth available from time to time that could be sold as stand-by bandwidth to subscribers. In the context of metered service, the concept of selling a “stand-by” upgrade to whatever service tier the subscriber has purchased is simple to understand.

For example, the “stand-by” up-sell might be a $9.95 charge on top of the $34.95 (or basic) rate per month; what the subscriber gets for that is potentially higher speeds when the network load or sector drops below a threshold chosen by the ISP, and none of his usage counts against him during those stand-by periods. When not in stand-by mode, all normal tiered service rules apply. This approach works much better than a “happy hour” because the subscriber will benefit anytime network utilization is below the chosen threshold so it's easier to up-sell than a traditional Midnight to 6am happy hour.

Each ISP needs to conduct their own analysis to determine what thresholds and transfer rates will apply to stand-by bandwidth but the possibilities are endless. For example, subscribers could simply avoid the penalty box, or better yet, have their transfer rates increased over their tier of service, gaining a share of the overall stand-by bandwidth available. Designated stand-by bandwidth could potentially be distributed amongst various tiers of service, a particular router, or any combination thereof - it's completely up to the ISP to design what they want.

Once the ISP's stand-by model is developed, the ISP will work with our staff to pseudo code their system. From there we'll incorporate it into scripts that can be used by the DBS.

The following is an example of how “stand-by” might be pseudo coded for each router:

For each router {

    Calculate the average bandwidth consumed over the past five minutes that is not stand-by
    If usage is less than 80% of pipe then calculate the difference {
	    increase the result by 10% and then split equally amongst stand-by users 
	    for each standby user {
	    	adjust rate if 5% change (or more) in either direction of current values ...

Note: The “stand-by” implementation script for the pseudo code above is now included with all evaluations. To see “stand-by” in operation, please request a free evaluation from here.

... the Dynamic Bandwidth Shaper provides online graphs for a subscriber's traffic ... We provide that link to our subscribers so they won't call tech support when they're trying to troubleshoot the reason why they can't stream any more video ...

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“Reduce costs, increase satisfaction, and realize new revenue opportunities.”


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