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How it Works
... Reduce costs, increase satisfaction, and realize new revenue opportunities.

The DBS polls all managed Mikrotik routers at each access point, or sector, every minute to gather usage statistics, and then saves those statistics for each router interface, service tier, and subscriber IP address. When the cumulative total bytes (or packets) for a subscriber within the given clock cycle reaches the limit for their tier of service, the DBS places the offending subscriber into the “penalty box” by modifying the corresponding router queue. The penalty stays in effect until the beginning of the next clock cycle.

The DBS can support any number of tiers of service. Each tier of service is controlled by an internal script, created and maintained by our staff, which can shape a subscriber's traffic as desired in either direction. Rules for shaping traffic can be based upon any combination of traffic statistics or time frame. For example, our six basic tiers (described below) work on a defined amount of bandwidth consumed, either up or down, within calendar time frames of either a day starting at 12 am or monthly starting at 12 am on the 1st day of the month. Any of these tiers could easily be adjusted to work on rolling 24 hours or 30 days periods instead of calendar times. The options for bandwidth shaping are truly endless.

... everyone is enjoying high speed access, whereas before the DBS was doing its thing, bandwidth was completely consumed by a handful of people and the experience was lousy for everyone ... The majority wins, the ISP makes money and the handful of bandwidth hogs are dealt with.

River District Manager, Swift Wireless

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“Reduce costs, increase satisfaction, and realize new revenue opportunities.”


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