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Reduce costs, increase satisfaction, and realize new revenue opportunities.

Today's travelers expect to have reliable Internet access wherever they go. Free Internet access is highly prized and more often than not is a major factor when choosing where to stay. Given these facts, it's becoming more common place for the hospitality industry to simply absorb these costs into the room rates, thus making a better overall experience for their guests. Travelers, whether on business or on pleasure, bring laptops, tablets, or smart phones and expect easy access in both the hotel lobby and in their rooms. In short, easy and reliable Internet access has become one of the most important amenities for the hospitality industry.

Whether a hotel charges for Internet access or not, just a couple of guests using IP-based Entertainment Services (IPES) during peak evening hours can bring a hotel's network to its knees and make everyone's Internet experience miserable and non-responsive. This is especially problematic for business travelers — after all, their time is money. A non-responsive network not only causes frustration but forces the business traveler to do their work at inconvenient times when nobody else is on the network.

By implementing the DBS, a hotel property can make everyone happy, at all hours, by providing free Internet access to everyone that needs it, but offer higher bandwidth to guests that are willing to pay for it. For example, we recommend using a free tier of service that would provide everyone with speeds of 2 megabits down, and 512k bit-rate up, with a maximum transfer of 75 megabytes in each direction over a 24 hour period. Once the maximum is reached, the transfer rate is automatically reduced to a 50 k bit-rate for the remainder of the 24 hour period, which still provides guests the ability to view traditional web pages but not stream video. Then at 12 am the rates are automatically reset to 2M/512k.

How much data is 75 megabytes?

  • About 37,000 text-only emails.
  • More than 1000 web optimized photos.
  • More than 450 minutes of cellular phone quality VoIP conversation.
  • More than 60 unillustrated eBooks.
  • About 75 minutes of music at 128k bit-rate.
  • About 12 minutes of SDTV video.

Certainly customers that utilize IPES and access high bandwidth websites such as Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu will be throttled back leaving all other customers with the bandwidth required for a highly satisfactory Internet experience.

When the free tier of service isn't enough, guests can choose to upgrade their Internet speed and capacity by paying for a higher level of service than what's provided for free. To help facilitate this upgrade process we've introduced the new Self-Service Web Portal (SSWP), which gives guests the ability to choose whatever service they want and pay for it securely online. This gives guests quick access to the bandwidth they need without burdening your staff.

... the Dynamic Bandwidth Shaper provides online graphs for a subscriber's traffic ... We provide that link to our subscribers so they won't call tech support when they're trying to troubleshoot the reason why they can't stream any more video ...

River District Manager, Swift Wireless

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“Reduce costs, increase satisfaction, and realize new revenue opportunities.”


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